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Gundam 00: Patrick

luinthoron in gundam00awards

Week 041: Results

Week 041: Results

&& First Place

by uncieloazul

&& Second Place

by uncieloazul

&& Third Place

by angel_katsumi

The submission and voting posts are now unscreened.
Banner maker for this week is insurgentdraff.

P.S.: Anyone know what's up with the MIA banner makers? Both biconne and insurgentdraff seem to be missing for months now. Anyone up to taking over for them, possibly also the weeks they still owe? I'm not going to give any more work to them after this week until we get some banners from them again, so we're now back to only me and altairi. So some help would be appreciated...

edit: Heard back from biconne, banners should be coming soon. :)


insurgentdraff is the only one of the two that has been active, it looks like. I'd remind them, and if they continue to be absentee here, then I'd revoke their bannermaker duties and split up their weeks.

*has had the problem before and did just that*
Thank you so much everyone! ;__; I'm so happy!!!

If you need a banner maker, I'll be willing to help. Just PM me or something, ok? :3
It would be great if you could help! :) Would you also be willing to take some of the long overdue banners, should I not get a reply from the old banner makers?
Well, I could take a few, but not much ^^;;; I'm with my finals at university and for now I can just take a small batch, if you need. I hope you understand u_u
Well, I'm rather looking for a permanent banner maker, so maybe I should just give you some of the overdue banners, if needed, and wait for someone else to take over the new weeks, then?