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Gundam 00: Setsuna / Wall / Sad

luinthoron in gundam00awards

Week 029: Results

Week 029: Results

&& First Place

by konkona

&& Second Place

by hoshi3

&& Third Place

by fallingconfetti


by angel_katsumi

&& Most Emotional

by drag0n_

&& Moderator's Choice

by black_hayate

The submission and voting posts are now unscreened.
Banner maker for this week am I.


Thank you very much! :D And congratulations to all!
Oh, man, sorry, but I never did before! Congratulations everyone! ^o^. *claps*
I was like...shocked slightly when I saw the lj cut title, and I thought maybe I got third place or something, and then.....*A*
Thank you everyone! ^O^
Thanks a lot! ^^ I didn't expect to win anything XD
Thanks for most emotional!
Thanks for third XD, and congrats to everyone else.