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Gundam 00: Setsuna / Gun / Eyes

luinthoron in gundam00awards

Week 019: Results

Week 019: Results

&& First Place

by stellarabyss

&& Second Place

by stellarabyss

&& Third Place

by akira_ks

&& Most Original

by sansmerci

&& Moderator's Choice

by angel_katsumi

The submission and voting posts are now unscreened.
Banner maker for this week am I again... I'll try to do all the banners I owe you soon. :(


Wow 1st and 2nd. Thanks!

Congrats to the others.
Congratulations to all!!! OMG Akira-chan!! Your Graham took the third place! *__*

Lelouch: uhuhuh
Thank you Katsumi-chan *-* I didn't expected that, I have to say o_O XDD Congratulations to you too for the moderator's choice, may I use that icon here on LJ? :flash (te lo volevo chiedere da quando l'ho vista per le votazione, è stupenda *----*<3)
LOL! Sono felice che ti è piaciuto tanto! *-* Certo che puoi usarlo, mi ha fa piacere!! *-*
Grazie yaaa <3 ora lo metto! *__*<3 Dd
Congratulations to stellarabyss for the first and the second place and to sansmerci for the best original! ^_^ and thanks for the third place! <3