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Gundam 00: Just A Feeling

luinthoron in gundam00awards

Week 062: Results

Week 062: Results

&& First Place

by uncieloazul

&& Second Place

by uncieloazul


by shikumo

&& Third Place

by ruffling

&& Best Color

by shikumo

The submission and voting posts are now unscreened.
Since we have had no banners at all from ballooned ever since she signed up, I'll skip her from now on. So the banner maker for this week is uncieloazul, sorry.


OMG ;/////; t-thank you so much, everyone!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and congrats shikumo and ruffling!!! :3

and gotcha o_ó *remembers she still has to do some orz*
Thanks for the 2nd/Best Colour & congrats to uncieloazul and ruffling ^^
Oh wow! Thank you for third!! And congrats to uncieloazul and shikumo!